Elwood Red

Melon Shades


For classic or hip performance.

The Bamboo sunglasses from the „Melon WOODYS Shades Collection“ are made of the environmentally friendly and stable natural product bamboo. They are fitted with high-quality spring hinges and an extended maximum angle, which considerably facilitates the putting on and taking off of the spectacles. In addition, the glasses provide a comfortable firm Seat, also for recreational sports. The processing of the transition between frame and ironing is particularly precise. The „Elwood“ group from the Bamboo range tends to a classic shape thanks to its angular shape with rounded front Nerd glasses and is therefore suitable for both classic and hip target groups. Branding is also natural as a result of a fine laser engraving, which inspires in detail. On the outside the logo appears, standing inside slogan and call: „no brain no game“ and „enjoy the moment“.

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